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Stephen Venables
Royal Geographical Society,London
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Everest: Summit Of Achievement On 29 May 1953, New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay stood atop the highest mountain in the world, where no one had ever stood before. This magnificent volume celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of their historic climb and chronicles the history of Everest exploration from the early years of the twentieth century to the present. It is the first and only book on the subject to benefit from complete access to the Royal Geographical Society´s astonishingly rich collection of photographs, documents, and artifacts. Painstakingly selected from over 20,000 subjects, more than 400 photographs -- many never before published -- record the surveying, planning, reconnaissance expeditions, and ascents that the Royal Geographical Society and the Alpine Club jointly launched -- beginning in 1921 and culminating in Hillary and Norgay´s landmark feat.  
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