Hex Hall + portes incluidos Saldo dos Comentários ao Livro/Vendedor: Positivo

Rachel Hawkins
Simon & Schuster Children´s UK
Livro com poucas marcas de uso na capa e nas páginas.

In the wake of a love spell gone horribly wrong, Sophie Mercer, a sixteen-year-old witch, is shipped off to Hecate Hall, a boarding school for witches, shapeshifters and faeries. The traumas of mortal high school are nothing compared to the goings on at "Freak High." It´s bad enough that she has to deal with a trio of mean girls led by the glamorous Elodie, but it´s even worse when she begins to fall for Elodie´s gorgeous boyfriend, Archer Cross, and frankly terrifying that the trio are an extremely powerful coven of dark witches. But when Sophie begins to learn the disturbing truth about her father, she is forced to face demons both metaphorical and real, and come to terms with her own growing power as a witch.
Catarina S
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  • disse no dia 2017-08-11: Excelente vendedora recomendo sem reservas, rápida, simpática, livros impecáveis, cinco estrelas Comentário Positivo