Power of Reading Saldo dos Comentários ao Livro/Vendedor: Neutro

Frank Furedi
Bloomsbury Continuum
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Dimensões: 16x24 cm
Nº de Páginas: 272
Encadernação: Capa Dura
Estado: Livro como novo, sem sinais de uso. Sobrecapa rasgada.

Sinopse: Eminent cultural and social historian Frank Furedi presents an eclectic and entirely original history of reading. The very act of reading and the choice of reading material endow individuals with an identity that possesses great symbolic significance. In ancient Rome, Cicero was busy drawing up a hierarchy of different types of readers. Since that time, people have been divided into a variety of categories--literates and illiterates, intensive and extensive readers, or vulgo and discreet readers. In the 19th century, accomplished readers were praised as "men of letters," while their moral opposites were described as "unlettered." Today, distinctions are made between cultural and instrumental readers and scorn is directed toward the infamous "tabloid reader."
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